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The UK's leading distributor of cycle and action sports equipment.




PiCoHUB3 + 4G

UK Distributor



“Our stock is right where our customer needs it and not stuck in our warehouse”

National Sales Manager
UK Distributor


Our Client manages over 28,000 SKUs for 70+ brands and ships over 80,000 boxes a month.
Their customers are independent Sporting goods retailers, many of them operating a single store in a rural UK village.

Platinum dealer stores operated on a consignment model meaning they only paid for their stock when it sells.


While this was great for the store's cash flow and for our clients warehousing costs, it required stores to report each sale and there was no reliable way to do that.

Even in Pilot - managing the sales and inventory reporting was taking over 40hrs
a week and required hundreds of spreadsheets.

They were also wanting to launch an e-commerce platform where their dealer stores would act as micro-fulfillment centres, so they had to know who had what stock in real-time.

By installing a PiCoHUB into their dealer stores, PiCo was able to deliver them a solution that gave them near pinpoint accuracy of inventory, by combining the warehouse shipping data with the sales data collected by PiCo.

Now they could tell in real time whether a particular item was sold - or still in stock and available for online sale.

This also helped them offer their platinum dealer stores automatic reordering, so a customer never had to hear the dreaded words ‘we’re out of stock’.

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